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Moscow International Choir
MIC Fundraising

We would like to tell you a little bit about the organizations that have been supported by MIC.

During the concert season of spring 2003, we raised funds for Downside Up.  Find out more here:

Martha and Mary Cloister - MIC concert April 2002
This is the convent and order of Russian Orthodox nuns founded by the widowed Elizaveta Fyodorovna, sister-in-law of Czar Nicholas II.  Elizaveta was murdered by the Bolsheviks, but her order survived.  Sisters belonging to this religious order serve as trauma nurses and work in the burn unit of Shklifovovsky Hospital in Moscow, Russia.  The convent also provides a home to orphaned girls and runs neighborhood ministries for the poor, the homeless, and for the elderly. 
The sisters are restoring a pre-revolutionary building, which is still used as a hospital and stands on the grounds at 34 Bolshaya Ordinka. 
Any donation of food, clothing, or item that can be recycled is welcome.  You can contact the cloister through Sister Marta Nikolayevna at 7 (095) 951-8446.

Uvarovski Home for Children with Multiple Handicaps - MIC concert May 2000
Approximately 500 children with mental as well as physical disabilities live at the Uvarovski Home which is located in the Moscow Oblast about 130 km from the center of Moscow.

The kids, with ages ranging from 3 to 18, have varied degrees of abilities. Those that are able to move around have numerous educational and recreational activities, such as wood-working, knitting, or sewing, and they have chores which include tending the garden where potatoes and vegetables are grown. However, there are also about a hundred children who cannot walk and who, despite good care, are in great need of help. Current funding does not cover what is necessary to get them out of bed.

Funds raised by the concert proceeds went to assist the Uvarovski Home with a project that had already been started by the International Womens Club.

Action for Russia's Children - MIC concert December 2000
ARC is an all-volunteer, UK registered charity designed to provide support to Russian organizations which since 1989 have developed care in the community for orphans, homeless and disabled children. It focuses on social integration rather than institutionalization. ARC helps with donations, fundraising assistance and through the development of relationships with corporate sponsors.

You can help, as an individual or a corporate, by joining the large number of ARC supporters. ARC's all-volunteer structure means that at least 99% of your donation will be passed to the projects that ARC supports.

Find out more about ARC at

If you would like to help us in raising funds for these worthy organizations, send us an e-mail: